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Aluminum Wheel Restoration Benefits

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Aluminum wheels are durable and attractive, but they're naturally susceptible to  corrosion and oxidation. Periodic aluminum wheel restoration is key to bringing back their luster, uncovering hidden damage, and more.

However, restoring aluminum wheels properly requires the right tools. Check out the benefits of automated wheel restoration and why you should an automated wheel polishing system to improve maintenance.

automated wheel polishing system

Why Aluminum Wheel Restoration is Important

Oxidation causes aluminum wheels to turn dull, lose gloss, and eventually become brittle and crack. That's why aluminum wheels require regular maintenance to ensure they look and perform great. See why you should consider automated wheel restoration!

Revives Road-Weary Wheels

Breathe life back into your road-weary wheels! A wheel rim polishing machine like the VIS-Polish is a perfect way to give your truck a new look in less time, and with less labor involved.

Uncovers Hidden Wheel Damage

Easily reveal any hidden wheel damage, such as cracks between the bolt holes. Structural damage can be detrimental to the safety of your wheel rims.

Reduces Wheel Maintenance Costs

Automating your aluminum wheel restoration process lowers the overall cost of your fleet wheel-end maintenance program. Not only does this reduce maintenance costs, but it also extends the life of your wheels.

Enhances Wheel Safety

Wheels play a major role in safety since a damaged wheel can lead to accidents. Restoring aluminum wheels helps to maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle, making it safer to drive. It also allows for easier, more thorough pre-trip safety inspections.

Increases Resale Value

Aluminum wheel restoration makes trucks more attractive, which increases resale value. Shiny rims create a positive, lasting impression on potential buyers. This can help you get more money and sell your trucks faster.

Generates an Impressive ROI

From saving time and money to boosting resale value, our wheel rim polishing machine pays for itself quickly. The VIS-Polish not only streamlines wheels and rims maintenance, but it can even create an additional revenue stream.

Builds Fleet Pride and Reputation

How your wheels look affects perceptions of your brand. Clean, well-maintained rims show a high level of care that both instills customer trust in your company and increases fleet pride among your drivers. 

aluminum wheel restoration

Use a Wheel Polishing System for Optimal Results

Manually sanding and polishing wheels is time-consuming and doesn't always yield the best results. Technicians are also more likely to miss hidden damage. Fortunately, there's an easier, faster, and more effective method to restore aluminum wheels to a like-new shine.

The VIS-Polish wheel rim polishing system is used by thousands of facilities to clean and maintain aluminum wheels. Here are some reasons why:

  • Polishes 30-60 minutes/wheel
  • Works with 19.5″, 22.5″, 24.5″ super singles and wide base steers
  • Sands the whole wheel face or just sections
  • Allows tire on/tire off
  • Offers a special bead cleaning cycle
  • Enclosed system to protect technicians
  • Small footprint: 76″ x 66″ x 86″

Upgrade your facility’s aluminum wheel maintenance with a polishing machine that delivers accuracy, speed, and versatility. This, in turn, results in numerous benefits like a more even, longer-lasting finish and reduced costs.

Contact us now to learn more about the VIS-Polish and how it can give your fleet, facility, or shop a competitive edge!


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