BrakeMate for Bus Fleets

Vehicle Inspection Systems is proud to introduce the BusCon 2018 award winner for “Best New Product or Service”, the  BrakeMate™ Brake Maintenance System. The device is designed to service heavy vehicle brake assemblies and reduce manual lifting. You can minimize service time and save money with the patent-pending BrakeMate™.

How The BrakeMate™ Can Benefit Your Fleet:

  • Reduces manual lifting of Caliper, Hub and Rotor from vehicle
  • Minimizes the risk of injury
  • Average time to replace the rotor cut in half from 2 hours to 1 hour
  • Final assembly back on to truck with hydraulic lift control is efficient

Advantages of the BrakeMate™:

  • Ideal work height
  • Keeps all parts aligned when splitting a rotor/hub
  • Handling of 66 lb. rotor is simple with rotating service table
  • Realigning rotor/hub is simple and safe
  • Easy to replace caliper
  • Drum brake adapter option available

Want to add the BrakeMate to your maintenance facility? Click here to learn more or contact a VIS rep!

Product Video



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