5 Ways a PBBT / Roller Brake Tester Can Improve Your Inspection Process

One of the best ways to enhance vehicle safety and fleet operations is by using a performance-based brake tester (PBBT), aka ‘roller brake tester,’ as it makes your inspection process easier while reducing service time and costs. See why a PBBT / roller brake tester, like the VIS-Check, is an essential undercarriage tool for improving inspections so your technicians can test and perform maintenance with confidence.

Roller Brake tester

Benefits of a PBBT / Roller Brake Tester for Undercarriage Inspection

A PBBT/roller brake tester allows you to accurately check the braking force and inspect brake system components of a wide range of vehicles in less time. While there are many advantages to using the VIS-Check, here are the top five ways that a PBBT / roller brake tester can improve your inspection process.

1. Requires less space than traditional testing methods.

The VIS-Check requires minimal space for testing so you don’t have to worry about making room to store a bulky machine or making space for a testing yard. In addition to its smaller footprint, we offer various models including in-ground, over-pit, or portable trailer units to fit into any facility.

PBBT/Roller Brake Tester

2. Testing can be done in 10-15 minutes.

A PBBT/roller brake tester reduces service time by automating brake system inspection so testing takes less than 15 minutes. Quicker testing allows your technicians to perform other work, thereby increasing productivity.

3. Provides a consistent, repeatable test process to ensure accuracy.

A diagnostic machine provides a consistent, repeatable test process that produces much greater accuracy than traditional testing methods. It’s also able to find otherwise undetectable repairs, resulting in better vehicle safety.

Roller Brake Tester

4. Can be done with only one technician to save labor.

The VIS-Check can be operated with only one technician, allowing technicians to detect and inspect undercarriage issues with precision and in less time, thereby decreasing labor while increasing production. Additionally, vehicles remain stationary while testing with no rapid deceleration testing to eliminate the risk of injury to testing personnel.

5. Tests a wide range of vehicles, allowing you to inspect the entire fleet with just one machine.

Our PBBT / roller brake tester is incredibly versatile since it can test many types of vehicles like heavy-duty or medium duty trucks, transit buses, school buses, work trucks, motor homes, emergency services vehicles, and more. Streamline your fleet operation by having the Swiss Army knife of undercarriage diagnostics and maintenance.

Roller Brake Tester

Enhance Vehicle Safety and Fleet Operations

Manual inspection of the brake systems and components is laborious, time-consuming, and leaves room for errors. That’s why switching to an accurate and faster performance-based brake tester that takes up minimal space is crucial for improving inspections. If you’re looking for one of the best around, then look no further than the VIS-Check. It finds undercarriage and brake system issues in minutes, not hours, so you can save labor and increase productivity.

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