About Us

About VIS, Inc.

For more than 25 years, Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS) has been the front runner for heavy duty vehicle, truck, and bus safety for the trucking and transportation industry for brake and undercarriage inspection as well as wheel and rim safety. VIS manufactures and distributes products including the VIS-Check, VIS-Polish, VIS-Nitro, Squirrel: Wheel Safety Device, VIS-Shine: On-Truck Wheel Polishing and BrakeMate™ brake maintenance system.

Vehicle Inspection Systems is proud to serve vehicle service and maintenance shops to provide safety and inspection services in North America and beyond.

Consider the Future

Customers demand excellent service and the best value. Fixed operations must constantly evolve to remain competitive and win new business. At VIS, we make it happen. VIS brings work place automation and best practices to enforcement, fleet maintenance, service shops, transit facilities, and owner/operators.

  • To Enforcement, we offer a FMCSA 65 FR 48799 compliant roller brake tester that automates brake testing, increases test speed, and can result in improved highway safety by identifying brake issues during inspections.
  • To Fleets, we offer maintenance equipment that lowers the big four operating costs: drivers, fuel, tires, and equipment.
  • To Service Shops, we offer best practice solutions that boost revenue, lower cost, and build customer loyalty.
  • To Transit Facilities, we offer an automated process to take the human factor out of diagnosis and enhance the overall image of your fleet with the VIS-Polish system.
  • To Owner/Operators, we offer an automated process to take the guess work out of undercarriage and brake diagnostics. Through our VIS-Polish and VIS-Shine equipment, we offer a process to perform wheel polishing simply and quickly.

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