VIS-Check: Road Simulator

The VIS-Check: Road Simulator is a suspension and steering diagnostic system that allows technicians to view undercarriage components of heavy-duty vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.) under harsh operating conditions and find otherwise undetectable mechanical issues. Recreate road conditions in the shop safely and easily to pinpoint issues and verify peak vehicle performance.

See how the VIS-Check: Road Simulator improves suspension and steering diagnostics!

VIS-Check: Road Simulator

Save More With Automation

Manual inspections are time-consuming and require lots of experience and extended training. An automated process, however, allows you to reduce service time, lower technician labor, and find undetectable issues with less effort. Furthermore, a repeatable inspection process produces more consistent results which increases productivity.

The VIS-Check: Road Simulator is ideal for repair and service shops, suspension and alignment shops, fleets, or anyone servicing suspension and steering components on commercial and heavy-duty vehicles across the United States. By automating inspections, shops can achieve increased throughput using existing technicians and resources.


The VIS-Check: Road Simulator has a small footprint and can adapt to any shop or facility with surface, in ground, and over pit options available. It features shaker plates, a hydraulic jack, and an automated process with prompting to recreate road conditions in the shop.


  • Automates undercarriage inspection process (faster than manual)
  • Finds undetectable issues
  • Decreases service times
  • Saves on labor by only requiring one technician
  • Lowers vehicle operating costs
  • Improves vehicle safety
  • Reduces roadside breakdowns
  • Extends tire life and fuel economy
  • Identifies ride issues and reduces driver fatigue

VIS-Check: Road Simulator

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    The VIS-Check: Road Simulator is a versatile suspension and steering diagnostic system that can be used to inspect:

    • Worn Tie Rod Ends and King Pins
    • Spring Pins, Shackles, and Hangers
    • Worn Bushings
    • Shock Absorbers
    • Loose U Bolts
    • Air Bag Integrity
    • Drive Train Problems
    • Loose Wheel Bearings
    • Worn Yokes/Center Bearings
    • Loose Exhaust Mounts

    Whether using the VIS-Check: Road Simulator for your own fleet or for your customers, undercarriage issues could be costing fleets time and money if not in top working condition.

    Our system makes it easier and faster to inspect suspension and steering components of heavy-duty vehicles.

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