How to Add To Your Business Revenue

Automated Aluminum Wheel PolishingWhether you’re a fleet owner/manager providing logistics services, a tire dealer, or a service shop providing repair and maintenance services for your customers, you know how important it is to to make as much revenue as possible to keep your business operating seamlessly. A company that has a strong market presence and a wide array of services for customers has many more chances of growing at a faster pace than companies that take their businesses casually. 

Investing in the VIS-Polish is a great way to bring additional revenue to your business. It is an easy to use system that can provide high margins to supplement your income and boost your business. Here are just a few benefits to adding the VIS-Polish to your existing business.

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1. Easy to Manage, High-Margin Additional Revenue Stream

The VIS-Polish is a fully automated system designed to produce a high quality polished wheels on a wide variety of wheel types and sizes in as little as 30 minutes allowing for great margins with minimal overhead.

The VIS-Polish is operated quickly and easily by a single operator and the easy to use touchscreen and automated process allows for minimal physical labor. Additionally, VIS provides installation and training services to get you machine up and running quickly to start making you money!

2. Leverage Your Existing Customers with New Offerings

The easiest way to get a new revenue stream up and running quickly is to provide services that will benefit your existing customer base. Providing aluminum wheel maintenance is a great value-added service for customers that you already have coming to your shop.

For example, if you are a commercial tire dealer who is already servicing and changing customers’ tires, providing wheel maintenance services for their aluminum wheels is a natural progression to expand your service offerings. It also provides many benefits to your customers’ fleet/wheels.

Aluminum truck wheels undergo brutal treatment that makes them susceptible to easy wear and tear. Maintaining the wheels through routine refurbishment helps extend their lifespan and also increase their efficiency and performance. It also allows for better inspections by revealing tiny, hidden cracks that are normally invisible to the naked eye to identify wheels that need to be changed.

3. Reach New Markets to Attract New Customers

Increasing aluminum wheel usage and more attention on fleet image means there is also a growing demand for wheel polishing services. By adding aluminum wheel maintenance services, allows your business to reach even more customer markets than you may already be servicing.

For example, if your current customer base is mostly commercial truck fleets this provides a great gateway into other fleet types that typically use a higher volume of aluminum wheels. Waste management companies, transit agencies, and emergency service vehicles use aluminum wheels at a large rate which make them great markets to reach out to with your new service!

Enhance your facility with automated wheel refinishing

There is a variety of maintenance, cost, and performance advantages of refinishing aluminum wheels with the VIS-Polish. It also offers a great platform for added revenue and providing more services for your customers to grow your business in the long-run. Like all of our products, the VIS-Polish is built to last which is why it’s used by vehicle service and maintenance shops throughout the United States and Canada.

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