Benefits of a Suspension and Steering Diagnostic System For Your Fleet

Undercarriage inspections are crucial for heavy-duty truck and bus fleets to maintain safety, comfort, and driving performance. However, relying on a manual process is time-consuming and hidden damage is more likely to be missed. A suspension and steering diagnostic system is a must-have tool for undercarriage inspections as it allows fleets to safely recreate operating conditions and find undetectable issues in less time.

The VIS-Check: Road Simulator

Discover the key benefits of suspension and steering diagnostic systems to upgrade your fleet’s undercarriage inspections!

What Does a Suspension and Steering Diagnostic System Do?

A suspension diagnostic system combined with a steering diagnostic system, like the VIS-Check: Road Simulator, tests undercarriage components of vehicles under harsh operating conditions and finds otherwise undetectable issues. It comprises shaker plates, a hydraulic jack, and an automated process to recreate road conditions.

The system has a small footprint and is adaptable to any shop or facility. It’s able to inspect a variety of undercarriage components:

  • Worn Tie Rod Ends and King Pins
  • Spring Pins, Shackles, and Hangers
  • Worn Bushings
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Loose U Bolts
  • Air Bag Integrity
  • Drive Train Problems
  • Loose Wheel Bearings
  • Worn Yokes/Center Bearings
  • Loose Exhaust Mounts

If any part of the undercarriage is damaged, then the vehicle will be less safe. Plus, undetected issues can turn into expensive problems. With the VIS-Check: Road Simulator, you can safely recreate road conditions and easily pinpoint issues to maintain and extend vehicle performance.

The VIS-Check: Road Simulator

Advantages of Diagnostic Systems for Fleets

The best way to ensure an accurate and timely undercarriage inspection is to use a suspension diagnostic system, and when checking the maneuverability, safety and handling of a bus or truck there is no match to using a reliable steering diagnostic system. With The VIS-Check: Road Simulator you get both to bring you numerous advantages, such as efficiency and lower costs — see how your fleet will benefit from a diagnostic system!

Automates undercarriage inspections

Make your business more efficient with automation. A suspension diagnostic system creates a repeatable inspection process, which increases productivity and improves results consistency.

Detects hidden issues

Uncovering broken, worn, or damaged undercarriage components are critical for safety and lower your vehicle operational costs. Keep your vehicles in optimal condition by making it easier to find hidden issues.

Shortens service times

Time is money, and a lengthy inspection process cuts into your bottom line. Manual inspections require lots of experience and extended training. Invest in a suspension and steering diagnostic system to shorten service times and improve efficiency.

Improves safety

A steering diagnostic system is vital for ensuring vehicle safety as it allows technicians to examine its performance under harsh road conditions. It also identifies ride issues and reduces driver fatigue, leading to safer rides.

Saves on labor and vehicle costs

The VIS-Check: Road Simulator only requires one technician, reducing labor costs while boosting productivity. In addition, a diagnostic system lowers vehicle operating costs since you can detect and repair issues, thereby extending tire life and fuel economy.

Minimizes breakdowns

When a vehicle has a roadside breakdown, driver safety is put at risk and productivity comes to a screeching halt. Keep your fleet and business humming along with a suspension and steering diagnostic system that bolsters vehicle operation and maintenance.

Level-Up Your Fleet’s Operations

A suspension and steering diagnostic system is vital for heavy-duty fleets for many reasons, from improving vehicle performance to lowering operating costs. Easily check for hidden issues and test undercarriage components with an automated process, ensuring your technicians don’t miss anything that could potentially endanger safety or disrupt your operations.

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