Benefits of Polishing Truck Wheels

Polishing truck wheels is the best way to make your wheel investments last.  There is no doubt that steel wheels for trucks are three times cheaper than aluminum truck wheels. Despite this enormous price difference over 50% of truckers and transport establishments prefer to spend the additional cost and purchase aluminum wheels.

Key Benefits of Polishing Aluminum Truck Wheels

Standard steel wheels weigh around 78 pounds while the same sized wheel in aluminum weighs 47 lbs. The savings of over 30 pounds per wheel translates to over 300 pounds for a 10-wheel rig. This weight saving has a significant effect on fuel economy. Either additional cargo is hauled or less fuel is consumed. For long term haulers, the savings add up and the year’s bottom line revenues encouraging which mean that in the wheel’s lifetime owners can recoup over 50% of the additional cost of the wheel.

Next comes an intangible take away – Pride of ownership. The polish on the aluminum tells a different story than steel wheels. It is the swagger quotient and is reflective of easy truck wheel polishing equipment available at pit stops and fleet maintenance workshops. The automated VIS-Polish system has made polishing aluminum truck wheels so easy that while a trucker is taking a well-intended lunch break the wheels are polished and he can be on his way. Polished wheels look good, and the aesthetics are an important aspect of trucking.

Polishing Aluminium Truck Wheels


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