The Best and Latest in Wheel Polishing and Safety Devices

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Among the best wheel safety devices available in the market is the one dubbed The Squirrel. It is light in weight and looks like a piece of wire. It is manufactured from engineering nylon which has the unique property of excellent impact resistance. It is impervious to any kind of chemical solvent and able to withstand wide fluctuation of temperature.

The Squirrel wheel safety device is reusable meaning you can remove and put it on another wheel of similar nut configuration. It is available for 6, 8 or 10 stud of trailers, coach and truck wheels. The principle behind the Squirrel is it is self-tightening and once fit is doing the work of holding the wheel nuts in place. When the wheels are in motion the device keeps prevents unraveling from the stud thread. The device is marketed at an affordable price and ensures peace of mind to the drivers.

Safety equipment manufactured and distributed by Vehicle Inspection Systems is the automated aluminum wheel polishing equipment known in the industry by its trade name VIS-Polish. This machine restores a mirror equivalent shine to aluminum truck or bus wheels. Anytime you are travelling by road on the highway the sight of glistening wheels is a tell-tale signature of the wheel polishing systems at work. At the top of the equipment list of any fleet manager is the VIS-Polish and the latest machine from this reputed name in wheel maintenance is the on-truck wheel polisher. This machine allows wheels to be polished without dismounting the entire wheel.


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