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disc brake maintenance, BrakeMate

The BrakeMate™ disc brake maintenance tool services heavy disc brake assemblies while reducing manual lifting, minimizing service time and saving money. The BrakeMate™ lifts the caliper, hub and rotor from the vehicle with ease thanks to its hydraulic lift controls. It sits at an ideal work height and is designed for use on trucks, trailers, waste vehicles, buses and more!


  • Reduces manual lifting of Caliper, Hub and Rotor from vehicle
  • Rotating Service Table
  • Ideal work height
  • Realigns rotor/hub simply and safely
  • Can cut service time in half!

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Manual polishing can be a dirty and dangerous job! The enclosed VIS-Polish automated wheel maintenance system keeps technicians safe from moving parts and does the hard work for them! It efficiently sands, buffs, and polishes road-weary wheels to reveal any hidden damage with very little heavy lifting or manual effort. Flaws such as fine cracks, elongated bolt holes, dissimilar metal corrosion, deterioration of  aluminum in the bead seat, and warped or bent rim edges can be easily identified before they effect your wheel safety.


  • Sands the whole wheel face or just sections using the new sectional sanding software
  • Tire on/tire off
  • 30-60 min/wheel
  • Bead Cleaning Cycle
  • 19.5″, 22.5″, 24.5″, super singles and wide base steers

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Performance based brake tester, PBBT, VIS-Check

The VIS-Check undercarriage diagnostic system inspects the brakes, steering and suspension components of trucks, trailers, buses, waste vehicles, and other heavy duty vehicles. The VIS-Check, a performance-based brake tester (PBBT) combined with a road simulator, measures braking force and allows technicians to view steering and suspension components under harsh operating conditions without the need for moving vehicles. At the end of the inspection, VIS-Check produces a “Safety and Efficiency Report” to guide and assist the service technician’s maintenance activities.


  • Tests foundation brakes to general requirements specified by the DOT and APTA best practices
  • Road simulator recreates road conditions safely in shops for accurate testing
  • Shortens inspection time resulting in quicker vehicle maintenance turn around to get your vehicles back on the road faster
  • Reduces manual labor during inspection and eliminates the need for vehicle deceleration testing
  • Improves inspection accuracy by creating repeatable process for all technicians

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