Here is Why You Should Choose Wheel Polishing Service at VIS

Maintaining a fleet of trucks is a very tedious and tough job. Keeping the wheels of the fleet clean and polished is an important task that is necessary to make your fleet of trucks look well-maintained. Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS) makes this task easy for you. VIS developed the VIS-Polish to automate wheel polishing. Invest in the VIS-Polish and you will enjoy a consistent shine every time and wheels that you know are safe for the road.

VIS-Polish System

The VIS team of experts built an automated wheel polishing service process that restores the bus and truck wheel rims to a chrome finish. Even if the wheels are jaded and weary, this system will refurbish them in no time. Moreover, any critical damages like cracks initiations at stress concentration zones in the rim can be captured easily. This helps to keep trucks safe and avoid any further damage or accidents.

VIS strives to provide best-in-class products and services to its customers. The automated system reduces the interference of manual effort that reduces human error and labor cost. The VIS-polish system creates a long-lasting shine on the wheel rims. It fits the entire system in an enclosed structure to ensure safety and prevent mishaps. Moreover, this system is available for use 24X7 without any breaks, which helps your team to have a quick turnaround for wheel polishing. From truck dealers to tire shops to service shops, all can benefit from this automated polishing system.


VIS has consistently been working to provide excellent service with the best value to its customers. Due to innovation in workplace automation, the company has built a large customer base in North America. VIS looks to feed more customer demand by installing VIS-Polish units around the world. If you’re interested, please visit or call 866-847-8721.


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