Give your Truck Wheels a Longer Life

A wheel polishing service is crucial to keeping truck wheels clean and free from the abrasive effects of brake dust and other substances that cause pitting and overall wear.  Wheel and rim polishing not only enhances the good looks of a truck, but also helps prevent long-term damage by removing layers of corrosion and ensuring regular inspections and gives your truck wheels a longer life.

Automated Wheel Polishing Services

Automated wheel polishing services has become a standard way of getting wheels polished.  The VIS-Polish system stands out as the leading machine by not just offering polishing but by giving a complete refurbishment to help identify cracks and faults in a truck wheel. Catching these problems early is key to maintaining the health of the truck wheels.  Routine polishing and inspection helps improve the overall productivity of a truck’s wheels and ensures the safety of the truck, preventing road accidents and air leaks long before they can otherwise be detected.

Enhanced Image and Increased Safety

Scratched or pitted wheels can be polished at a fraction of the cost that it takes to replace the wheels, and in a matter of minutes. Machine polished wheels are less likely to be stopped for inspections and give out an air of professionalism which is ultimately good for the truck owner’s reputation.  Clean wheels improve your truck’s aesthetics as well as your brand integrity.

Heavily oxidized aluminum wheels can now get a new lease of life and shine with systems like VIS-Polish. Truck owners who are accustomed to using a wheel polishing service to keep their wheels up to scratch will agree that in the long run, wheel polishing cuts down on a huge amount of maintenance budget.

Boosted resale values, incredible good looks and a truck that is certified safe – what more could a truck fleet owner want?

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