Maintain the Shine on Your Truck Wheels

Maintenance for truck wheels can be a challenge, requiring constant supervision.  With the revolutionary VIS-Shine and VIS-Polish systems, it is now easier than ever to have polished aluminum wheels.

Easy Wheel Polishing

The only machine of its kind in all of America, the VIS-Shine is an on-truck wheel polishing system that gives you polished aluminum wheels in a matter of mere minutes.  Capable of polishing 19.5”, 22.5” and 24.5” sized wheels, this system can be easily carried around in a truck and used to clean, buff and polish your aluminum wheels to a mirror-like shine.  Regular maintenance and upkeep are extremely important for ensuring the longevity of your wheels.

Intensive Care

Sometimes, wheels can be so heavily oxidized that a simple cleaning and buffing will not do.  The VIS-Polish machine is a highly sophisticated and fully-automated machine that not only polishes, but fully refurbishes and restores aluminum wheels, identifying cracks and faults before they get a chance to develop further. This makes the VIS-Polish a good investment for businesses and fleets looking for polished aluminum wheels.

The Advantages of Polished Aluminum Wheels

There are several reasons why a truck fleet owner should pay careful attention to the condition of his wheels.  For one, a set of well-maintained and polished aluminum wheels prevents long-term damage to the wheels, and reduces the risk of road accidents.  A good set of clean aluminum wheels also increases the resale value of the vehicle as well as improve your brand integrity. Most importantly, maintaining the set of wheels on the truck results in huge savings in terms of maintenance budgets.

There is something immensely rewarding about a set of gleaming, mirror-like aluminum wheels and with systems like VIS-Shine and VIS-Polish, every truck owner can now take pride in his fleet and their polished aluminum wheels.

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