Maintenance Tips for Truck Wheels


Properly maintaining and cleaning truck wheels is one of the most important things a trucker or fleet manager can do to prevent hazardous flats and blowouts, improve fuel economy, and increase the lifespan of the wheels and other truck systems. Check out these eight maintenance tips for truck wheels to keep your operations rolling smoothly.

1. Clean the Truck Wheels and Tires Routinely

Clean and shiny truck wheels aren’t just for looks – they also improve the truck’s safety and performance. Thoroughly rinse and wash the wheels and tires to remove dirt, grease, grime, and brake dust. While you’re cleaning, also check the condition of the truck wheels to see if they’re in good shape.

2. Remove Oxidization and Restore Truck Wheel Shine

Oxidization on truck wheels should be removed to restore shine and improve wheel safety. A method for removing heavy oxidization and restoring the shine on truck wheels is to run them through an automated wheel polishing machine like the VIS-Polish.

3. Use a Machine to Polish and Buff Truck Wheels Between Regular Services

A polishing machine is more effective and efficient at polishing and buffing truck wheels than doing it by hand. Polishing and buffing wheels between full wheel services will ensure your wheels maintain their shine. For example, the VIS-Polish is a portable on-wheel polishing machine that polishes and buffs a wheel in just 10-15 minutes so.

4. Pay Attention to the Bead Area

Cleaning and maintaining the bead area of your wheels will ensure a good seal on your tires and minimize air leaks. Damage to the bead area can cause premature tire wear or failures, so inspecting and servicing this area routinely will help extend the life of your wheels. The VIS-Polish offers a bead cycle feature that can service this area during your routine aluminum wheel maintenance service.

5. Take Care of Your Tools

Not only should you maintain your truck wheels, but also the tools you use to clean, polish, and buff them. Regularly inspect your tools and order replacement parts and supplies when necessary to keep your tools in working order.

6. Inspect Truck Wheels Before Trips

Before every trip, inspect the truck wheels and other systems to ensure that they’re ready for the road. A pre-trip routine will help you detect and address issues before heading out on the road. An effective inspection should include: checking the tire pressure, examining tread wear, and inspecting rims for cracks and damage.

The Right Equipment to Maintain Truck Wheels

The equipment you use to clean and maintain truck wheels should always be reliable and effective. VIS has been in the transportation industry for over 20 years and offers a wide range of cleaning and safety products for heavy-duty trucks such as the VIS-Polish, VIS-Check, BrakeMate™ Brake Maintenance System, and more to ensure truck wheels look and perform at their best.

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