Renaissance Man’s Simplicity Translates into Wheel Safety Product Design

Leonardo da Vinci needs no introduction. He was an inventor, engineer, artist, painter, sculptor and the best description is that of a Renaissance man who was endowed with grace and talent. The extraordinary human being was a real genius and best exemplified by this statement “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

All of his work brings forth this marvelous simplicity. Note the contradiction of marvelous and simplicity. An apt comparison is to check out the Squirrel Wheel Safety device manufactured by Vehicle Inspection Systems. It is so simple that at first glance it appears as just a piece of wire. When fixed on the wheel nuts it suddenly dawns the enormity of the invention. It holds the nuts in place, and no amount of force is going to dislodge the wheel nuts. The safety provided via a simple device. Sophistication guaranteed. Leonardo must be having a quiet chuckle, and the aphorism of Winston Churchill will be apt (suitably amended) “Never has the transportation industry owed so much to such a simple device.”

VIS is headquartered in Florida and to produce simple products such as the wheel safety device speaks volumes about their dedication. They are thankful that best practices are part of their DNA since twenty years. The wheel safety equipment is available for 6, 8 and 10 studs. Truckers deliver blessings to the device for the safety factor built into the design. They also need to thank the translation of Leonardo’s vision to VIS.


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