State of South Dakota Takes Delivery of Portable VIS-Check Performance-Based Brake Tester


The State of South Dakota entered 2018 by taking delivery of a VIS-Check performance-based brake tester. The unit will be deployed for use across the state.

VIS, the front runner for heavy duty vehicle, truck and bus safety in the trucking and transportation industry for more than 20 years, delivered a portable VIS-Check brake tester unit to the state of South Dakota in January 2018. The VIS-Check is a performance-based brake tester (PBBT) that tests to DOT and CVSA specifications.

“We decided to invest in the VIS-Check so we could test brake systems and identify problems we can’t see with a visual inspection,” Captain John Broers of the State of South Dakota Department of Public Safety said. “We will be able to identify vehicles with brake problems before they are in a crash.”

Roller Brake Tester“We plan to travel with the VIS-Check throughout the state for certain enforcement projects,” Captain Broers said. “We will be participating in CVSA Brake Safety Week. The VIS-Check is another safety tool for us to use.”

The VIS-Check will be a key tool to help identify problematic issues as they relate to brake efficiency.

“One of the biggest causes of accidents is driver behavior,” Captain Broers said. “The rest are equipment violations. Brakes are a critical component and can cause catastrophic problems. A light out is a problem, but brake issues have the potential to be catastrophic, especially on a vehicle that weighs 80,000 pounds.”

The VIS team was onsite to take delivery of the unit earlier this year.

“South Dakota is another state that has identified the ease of use and deployability of the VIS-Check,” VIS Vice President Mark Keegans said. “Our VIS-Check equipment is the equipment of choice for enforcement agencies across North America that have adopted Performance Based Brake Testing.”

Tom Helwig, VIS Government Support Technician, will provide VIS-Check training for South Dakota.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for South Dakota,” Tom said. “I look forward to a long lasting relationship between VIS and South Dakota.”

VIS has testing equipment from Alaska to Florida.

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