Vehicle Inspection Systems Granted Contract to Supply In-Ground Brake Tester for State of Indiana


VIS, the front runner for heavy duty vehicle, truck and bus safety in the trucking and transportation industry for more than 20 years, was awarded a contract to supply the state of Indiana with an in-ground VIS-Check brake tester unit. This unit will be in addition to multiple other brake testers that the state of Indiana currently utilizes.

The VIS-Check will be deployed at the new inspection station on I65 North Bound in Seymour, Indiana.

The state chose the VIS-Check in-ground unit for the fast diagnostics and testing capabilities. With simple setup and in ground installation, the VIS-Check is the go-to product for State Enforcement Agencies.

“Our VIS-Check unit will be a great addition to the State of Indiana’s inspection infrastructure,” Mark Keegans, VIS Vice President, said. “We are very excited that the state has once again chosen our equipment. The VIS-Check is unrivalled in the enforcement marketplace.”

VIS has testing equipment from Alaska to Florida. 

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