VIS Debuts New VIS-Polish Logo and Video


VIS announces official VIS-Polish logo and new VIS-Polish Product Video

Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS) is excited to introduce new media materials for its signature VIS-Polish system. The VIS-Polish has been on the market for over 10 years as the leader in automated wheel polishing, taking the dirty and dangerous job of polishing aluminum wheels and automating it. As part of the ongoing evolution of VIS, it was time to give the VIS-Polish an official logo and a more modern product video.

The new VIS-Polish logo reflects a contemporary look while still fitting within the overall VIS company brand. The design, sleek and straight-forward in appearance, captures our mission to deliver efficient and effective products and services to our customers.

The re-vamped VIS-Polish video showcases the incredible capabilities of the VIS-Polish system in a fresh, updated way that is better formatted for use online and on various marketing platforms. The simplified, high-energy video is a more focused way to demonstrate the features of the machine and reflects the pride VIS has in the VIS-Polish.

“We are thrilled to launch these new VIS-Polish materials as part of our overall branding strategy,” Mark Keegans, VP of Sales and Marketing at VIS, commented. “We are confident the increased brand recognition will inspire more companies to discover the benefits the VIS-Polish can have on their business and further grow VIS as a recognizable and trusted name in the transportation industry.”

The new video can be viewed HERE!

Since 1994, Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS) has been a front-runner for heavy duty vehicle, truck, and bus safety in the trucking and transportation industries specializing in brake and undercarriage inspection as well as wheel and rim safety.

VIS-Polish Logo

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