VIS Exhibits for the First Time at the 2015 Waste Expo in Las Vegas, NV

(Orlando, FL) Vehicle Inspection Systems will be attending and exhibiting at the 2015 Waste Expo in Las Vegas, NV for the first time from June 2-4. VIS will be located at booth #1363 of the Las Vegas Convention Center and will be showcasing the Leek-Seeker and Squirrel™: Wheel Safety Device.

The Leek-Seeker is a fluid system that assists in detecting air leaks in tires, air lines and truck undercarriages. It uses an environmentally friendly Leek-Quid fluid that forms lasting bubbles on even the smallest air leaks. In the field, the Leek-Seeker has been assisting the service team at a coal mine located in Healy, AK. The service team says, “The LeekSeeker works great and finds the smallest holes. We just used it to test a radiator core on the coal mine haul truck.” The application of the Leek-Seeker and its specialized Leek-Quid fluid is endless. Each system accommodates any sized tire, AC systems, brake lines, heavy duty equipment and more.

The Squirrel™: Wheel Safety Device is currently being applied nationwide in waste management solutions, county school buses, and public transit systems. The Squirrel™ is a unique tool in wheel safety in that it does not simply detect loose lug nuts, but it keeps them physically locked in place. This prevents the nuts from loosening further or falling off which can easily result in wheel loss and separation from the vehicle.

Vehicle Inspection Systems will also have information available on the widely popular VIS-Polish, VIS-Check, and showcasing the newest VIS-Shine. The VIS-Shine is VIS’ first on-truck wheel polishing unit. VIS continues to manufacture and provide products to aid the heavy duty trucking, transit, and transportation industry. Vehicle Inspection Systems’ equipment aims to make the vehicle maintenance process easier, faster, and more automated to keep drivers and their vehicles safe while we share the road. Stop by booth #1363 to see the VIS products in action.


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