The New VIS-Check: Road Simulator



VIS brings new undercarriage inspection tool, the VIS-Check: Road Simulator, to market to reduce steering and suspension inspection and service times for commercial vehicles.

Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS) is excited to introduce the all new VIS-Check: Road Simulator, a suspension and steering diagnostics system that recreates road conditions safely and easily in the shop to allow technicians to view undercarriage components under harsh operating conditions and make otherwise undetectable mechanical issues easier to detect. Additionally, its automated inspection process greatly reduces service and inspection times allowing shops to achieve increased throughput using their existing technicians and resources. 

 Since introducing the innovative VIS-Check system in 1994, VIS has become a market leader in brake, suspension, and steering testing equipment. VIS’s mission is to bring workplace automation, safety solutions, and inspection best practices to the heavy duty and commercial vehicle industries. 

 “As part of our continued commitment to commercial vehicle safety and maintenance, we have developed the VIS-Check: Road Simulator to improve the overall vehicle inspection process as well as the safety and reliability of vehicle undercarriage components,” Rob Perrotti VP of Operations and Finance for VIS, said. “It not only benefits technicians and shops by saving labor and increasing productivity, but also their fleet or customers as well. From lower vehicle operating costs to reducing vehicle downtimes, fleets will save time and money when incorporating it into their maintenance programs.

Road Simulator

The VIS-Check: Road Simulator is ideal for service centers, suspension and alignment shops, fleets, or any business servicing suspension and steering components of commercial vehicles. Find steering and suspension issues in minutes, not hours, with the VIS-Check: Road Simulator!

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