Who Can Benefit From the VIS-Polish?

Who can Benefit?

  • Truck Dealers: Boost resale value of used vehicles and build customer loyalty
  • Fleets: Improve fleet safety and strengthen fleet pride
  • Tire Shops: Expand customer services and add a new revenue stream
  • Detail Shops: Complement chrome shop sales and reduce labor costs

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    A Clean Wheel is a Safe Wheel

    The VIS-Polish is an automated wheel polishing system that restores aluminum truck and bus wheel rims to a mirror-like finish. The VIS-Polish system will quickly refurbish road-weary wheels. It will reveal any hidden damage such as cracks between the bolt holes. A clean wheel is a safe wheel.


    Features of the VIS-Polish:

    • Sands the whole wheel face or just sections using our sectional sanding software
    • Tire on/tire off
    • 19.5″, 22.5″, 24.5″, super singles and wide base steers
    • Wheels polished in as little as 30 minutes
    • Special bead cleaning cycle included
    • Automated Process
    • Fully enclosed
    • Increase vehicle’s resale value
    • Can generate large ROI
    • Reduce overall cost of your fleet wheel end maintenance program
    • Great additional revenue stream
    • No full time operator required to run the machine
    • Small footprint



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