VIS Team Wraps Up the Waste Expo in Vegas

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(Las Vegas, NV) Early this week, the VIS sales and service team headed out to Las Vegas to exhibit the Leek-Seeker, the Squirrel: Wheel Safety Device, and the all new VIS-Shine at the 2015 Waste Expo.

“We received really great feedback from waste transportation professionals over the past two days at the show. The Squirrel: Wheel Safety device has had gained a lot of positive traction from those who have visited the booth. We’re hoping to close out the third day of the show with continued feedback and go home with some prospecting customers.” Says Mark Keegans, Vice President of VIS.

Currently, the Squirrel is being implemented and tested at locations and districts throughout the waste management and transportation industry. The emphasis on the Squirrel and wheel safety is to prevent wheel loss on trucks and buses as it is a much more prevalent issue in the trucking and transit community than has been documented or addressed. The Squirrel provides drivers and fleet owners with a safer and easier alternative to other lug nut safety and detection devices. The Squirrel physically locks the nuts preventing them from loosening and keeps them secure on your wheels.

For more information on the Squirrel: Wheel Safety Device and how you can implement it in your transportation safety efforts, visit or call our offices at 407-206-3615.



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