Why You Should Be Refinishing Aluminum Wheels with the VIS-Polish


From curb checking to road debris, there are many ways that aluminum wheels can get damaged which is why refinishing aluminum wheels with the VIS-Polish Automated Aluminum Wheel Polishing system is one of the best ways to bring back their luster. Not only is the automated machine beneficial for improving how aluminum wheels look, but it also makes maintenance easier and enhances the safety of your wheel rims. Discover the benefits that the VIS-Polish offers for truck dealers, fleets, commercial tire shops, used truck sellers, and detail shops.

6 Benefits of VIS-Polish for Refinishing Aluminum Wheels

The VIS-Polish is used in facilities across the United States and Canada to polish and refinish aluminum wheels due to its accuracy, speed, and versatility. Here are some key advantages of using an automated machine to see how it’ll improve the operation of your fleet or shop.

1. Can uncover hidden wheel damage.

Refinishing aluminum wheels improves wheel safety by removing layers of dirt and debris to reveal hidden wheel damage like cracks, oxidation, warping, and more. While just soap and water can remove superficial layers of dirt and debris, this method does not provide any other benefits to overall wheel health. Adopting a more thorough wheel maintenance program can improve overall fleet safety. Easily remove heavy oxidization and identify issues quicker by running the wheels through the VIS-Polish machine.

2. Reduces the cost of wheel maintenance by extending the life of your rims.

Using an automated wheel finishing machine reduces the cost of wheel maintenance by making the process more accurate and less time-consuming. It takes about 30 minutes per wheel! Things like rust, pitting, and dissimilar metal corrosion can affect the reliability of the rim. With proper maintenance, you can improve the integrity of your rim surface as well as the entire tire and wheel assembly to extends the life of your rims and saves you money. By routinely sanding and polishing your wheels, you can help remove these elements before the wheel is compromised.

3. Makes pre-trip inspections easier and more thorough.

Pre-trip inspections are important for safety but they can take a long time and leave room for hidden issues to go unnoticed. A clean wheel surface is key to proper visual inspection of your wheel rims. With the VIS-Polish, your pre-trip inspections will become an easier and more thorough process.

4. Creates optimum wheel surface to maintain proper torque.

A maintained wheel surface also ensures that proper clamping force of the lug nuts is retained after servicing. If there are lingering materials like dirt, paint, or rust left between the lug nuts and wheel surface during service, wheels can lose torque and become loose more quickly. The debris can compress or wash away leaving gaps between the lug nuts and the wheel surface, reducing the clamping force and increasing the chance of losing lug nuts or wheels. Refinishing aluminum wheels creates an optimum wheel surface, thereby allowing the vehicle to maintain proper torque.

5. Improves fleet image and reputation.

The VIS-Polish can help enhance your fleet’s image and reputation by improving the look and performance of your vehicles’ wheels. Additionally, it shows that your fleet cares about maintaining high-quality standards. Attractive, well-maintained vehicles are perceived to be safer by law enforcement and your customers will feel more at ease giving you their business when they see well maintained vehicles.

6. Attracts and retains drivers.

The machines and tools at your facility matter when it comes to attracting and retaining drivers. Equip your drivers with one of the most trusted automated wheel polishing systems on the market to make it easier for them to properly maintain heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, or buses. When drivers climb into a shining and sparkling vehicle at the start of their day, they feel a sense of pride in their vehicle and their company. Giving drivers a vehicle that they are proud of can lead to better driver retention rates and can also improve employee performance.

Enhance Your Facility with Automated Wheel Refinishing

There is a variety of maintenance, cost, and performance advantages of refinishing aluminum wheels with the VIS-Polish. It also offers intangible benefits like improving fleet reputation and attracting drivers which grows your business in the long-run. Like all of our products, the VIS-Polish is built to last which is why it’s used by vehicle service and maintenance shops throughout the United States and Canada.

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