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VIS Wins Best New Product Award at BusCon 2018


VIS’s BrakeMate wins “Best New Product or Service” at this year’s BusCon.

In early October, VIS attended BusCon 2018 in Indianapolis, IN. BusCon, hosted by Metro Magazine, is the largest bus show in North America bringing bus, motorcoach, van, shuttle and other vehicles operators. The 3-day event features the latest in safety, technology, government regulations and innovation to help agencies and operators get the tools they need to be successful.

On the closing day of the event, VIS was honored during the Exhibition Awards ceremony with “Best New Product of Service” for the BrakeMate brake maintenance system. The BrakeMate™ reduces manual lifting and risk of injury during the disc brake maintenance process. Also, the average time to replace the rotor is cut in half from 2 hours to 1.

“Vehicle Inspection Systems strives to provide fleets and transit agencies with the latest in safety equipment and tools to help promote safe facilities and reduce vehicle downtimes. The BrakeMate is a perfect example of that focus,” Mark Keegans, VP of Sales and Marketing at VIS, commented. “We were are honored that the committee members recognized VIS and the BrakeMate at this year’s BusCon conference.”

Vehicle Inspection Systems has been manufacturing and distributing products to keep your fleets, buses and other transit vehicles safe and on the road for more than 20 years.

Best New Product

Vehicle Inspection Systems Announces Newest Commercial Tire Partnership with Atlanta Commercial Tire

 VIS delivered 2 VIS-Polish automated wheel polishing systems to a new customer in Atlanta, Georgia.VIS, the front runner for heavy duty vehicle, truck and bus safety in the trucking and transportation industry for more than 20 years, has formed a partnership with Atlanta Commercial Tire, an Atlanta, Georgia-based commercial tire dealer. The dealer took delivery of two VIS-Polish automated wheel polishing machines on Thursday, December 14, 2017.

The machines arrived December 14 and were hooked up the same day. The VIS Service team arrived Monday, December 18, 2017, to start training.

“We invested in the VIS-Polish in an effort to provide a quality, consistent product to our customers in a timely manner,” Larry Faulkner, VP of Sales & Marketing for Atlanta Commercial Tire, said. “The VIS-Polish process helps convey a high quality expectation when customers are evaluating their options for wheel polishing. The impressive, professional appearance of the polishing operation coupled with the tremendous finished product puts us in the best position possible to grow our current business and target new business.”

Atlanta Commercial Tire, a full sized service tire company, started in downtown Atlanta more than 45 years ago.

“We provide commercial truck tires with over 50 service trucks in the state of Georgia to get our customers up and running as quickly as possible,” Mr. Faulkner said. “We also have off-the-road tires and service via 4 off the road boom trucks. Atlanta Commercial Tire also sells forklift tires, foam-filled tires and rubber tracks. We have a mobile forklift tire press that allows us to press on forklift tires at our customers’ facilities. Atlanta Commercial Tire has nine locations throughout the state of Georgia and 3 Bandag Retread manufacturing plants. Our additional services include but are not limited to: aluminum wheel polishing, steel wheel refinishing, mounted tire programs, fleet inventory management, fleet inspections and a host of other services related to the tire business.”

Atlanta Commercial Tire strives to be the premier commercial tire service provider in the state of Georgia by offering premium products in the proper applications while keeping in mind the best interest of each individual customer. Their ultimate goal is not to be the lowest price dealer, but instead the lowest cost dealer for any size fleet.

With Atlanta Commercial Tire’s vast array of wheel-end services, VIS knew that the VIS-Polish would be an excellent fit for their business.

“Our VIS-Polish units will be a great addition to the Atlanta Commercial Tire Business,” Mark Keegans, VIS Vice President, said. “We are very excited to start working with this tire dealer. More tire dealers are starting to invest in their business with the VIS-Polish, and we are proud to be working with them.”

Atlanta Commercial Tire will be running their VIS-Polish machines on a newly announced pay per cycle program. Contact VIS to learn more.

To contact Atlanta Commercial Tire, call 404-351-8016.

Are you interested in learning about how your commercial tire business can take advantage of this new revenue stream?

Automated Aluminum Wheel Polishing

June’s Service Spotlight

Tips on Cleaning Your Aluminum Rim Polishing Machine – Straight from Our Service Team!

“With the machine being one of your shops biggest investments, you want your machine to run well and last for years. Daily and weekly cleaning of your equipment is so important for the upkeep and dependability of the machine. One of our best instruction tools for your operator is the Routine Maintenance Guide from VIS.

Your operator should be spending anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes at the end of the shift vacuuming or sweeping the dust and debris out of the machine. Personal protection per your company’s guidelines before and during cleaning is key. Brush or wipe down the inside panels starting at the top, working down. Look out for worn or loose components or parts, and advise your supervisor of any potential issues. Wipe off the door lock forks and inspect the door latches. Wipe down the plexiglas windows with a micro wipe only. Use no cleaners or fluids on the plexiglas. Inspect your consumable inventory for proper supplies, and replenish as needed.

The weekly cleaning should be 30 to 60 minutes (same as daily), plus a thorough cleaning of the inside panels. Operators should use a quality cleaner on the metal and wipe clean. Don’t forget to remove the electrical cabinet filters. Filters should be replaced every six months.

Routinely cleaning your machine for a short period of time at the end of each shift will save you money and downtime, every time.”

– H. Thompson, Government/Transit Service Specialist


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